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Did you understand that your everyday calcium intake is really truly crucial during pregnancy? Calcium assists your infant develop a healthy heart together with teeth, bones, muscles, as well as nerves. We understand you have a great deal to believe about already, as well as that is why we suggest taking Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews.

Vitamins You requirement during Pregnancy

While prenatal vitamins are a must, they aren’t always the end-all solution. In fact, they are frequently missing a few crucial things. Here’s a quick breakdown of the vitamins you requirement during pregnancy;

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Witamina D



Witamina D


Witamina C

Vitamin A

Vitamin E


Witamina b12


Of course, always be sure to speak to your physician about vitamins as well as supplements during pregnancy. They will be able to provide you a truly comprehensive response to what you do as well as don’t need. Plus, they can aspect things in like your diet plan as well as lifestyle!

5 reasons to select Viactiv as Your Calcium Supplement

You requirement about 1300 mg of calcium a day during pregnancy! You are likely not getting the amount of calcium you requirement from your everyday intake, particularly if you do not eat extremely much dairy. Every Viactiv Soft Chew has 650 mg of calcium, 500 IU of vitamin D, as well as 40 mcg of vitamin K.

You are most likely ready to provide your infant just about anything, however we suggest keeping a few of your calcium for yourself. Jokes aside, if you don’t take in sufficient calcium to support your growing baby, your body will deplete itself. As you can imagine, this is not great for your own skeletal health and wellness as well as can cause osteoporosis!

Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews provide you the most calcium per piece to develop strong bones vs. other gummies as well as chews.

These bit supplements are individually wrapped, making it simple to throw some in your handbag or have them in different locations around the house. If you always have them around, then you won’t fail to remember to take one.

They are yummy! Viactiv Soft Chews are available in milk chocolate or caramel flavors.

Now that you understand exactly how incredible this dietary supplement is for expecting mamas, you may be wondering where to discover it! It is brought in lots of major retail stores like Target, Walmart, as well as CVS. Click right here to see where to discover Viactiv near you! You can likewise inspect them out on Instagram as well as Facebook.

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